application for tires shredder double shaft shredder tyre shredder

 In pavement engineeringThe application shows that the development of the rubber asphalt, rubber asphalt road not only can improve the performance and extend the life of the road surface, and can reduce the black pollution, waste tires on the earth response is more effective solution.  


Solid waste fuel - the incarnation of light and heat waste tire material is a high calorific value per kilogram of wood heat than the high of 69%, higher than the bituminous coal 10% 4% higher than the coke. The waste tire broken, then a certain proportion of combustible waste materials with a variety of mixed formulated into solid waste fuel (RDF), for blast furnace injection instead of coal, oil and coke as fuel or cement instead of burning coal and thermal power generation. Meanwhile, the law as well as by-products - carbon generated by activated again as a reinforcing agent for rubber products. Today, in many States, Japan and European countries, many cement plants, power plants, paper mills, steel mills and smelters are using scrap tires as fuel, the effect is very good, not only reduces the cost of production, but also to cure the cause of scrap tires environmental problems.


The tire rubber and metal separation. Rubber and tire separated maintaining the original features and functions that can be used to produce tires again.


Thermal decomposition - the best fuel

The resulting thermal decomposition characteristics of the fuel oil and similar commercial, or may be used to extract the direct combustion of fuel mixed with oil, can also be used as a softener in rubber processing. The resulting thermal decomposition of the combustible gas mainly composed of hydrogen and methane can be used as fuel, the heating needs to be decomposed in situ combustion process. Thermal decomposition of the resulting carbon black toner can replace the use of, or after processing into special adsorbent. This adsorbent for water contaminants, especially mercury and other toxic metals have a strong filtration effect. Furthermore, there is a thermal decomposition product of steel wire.


By scrap tire retreading, prototype restructuring, rubber asphalt paving, solid waste fuel, recycled plastic and thermal decomposition, recycling scrap tires have gradually embarked on a new stage, a new stage of development. Through different waste tire recycling, not only to solve the shortage of resources, environmental degradation problems, and promote the development and the development of emerging technologies, and to protect people's lives and health of the whole society, the ultimate benefit of the people, for the benefit of society.