PE pipe production line for Saiou Machinery

 The raw materialof PE pipe production line are imported and domestic. Achieved with the continuous production of polyolefin pipe materials. Saiou Machinery SJ65/30 production line can produce PE pipe of diameter from 16mm to 63mm, the specifications are in line with the Ministry of Construction Standards.

1.       Technical Specification for production line:

 1) Automatic feeding machine                    1 set

 2)Hopper dryer                                1 set

 3)SJ65/30 extruder                             1 set

 4)SJ25/25 logo line extruder                      1 set

 5) Electrical Control System                      1 set

 6)Extrusion mould                              1 set

 7)Vacuum forming machine                       1 set

 8)Jetting machine                               1 set

 9)Caterpillar hualing machine                      1 set

 10) No dust cutting machine

 11)Stacker                                     1 set