What Should America Do? Maybe we can....

 America is a capitalistic country. It believes in free market and capitalism.

Under capitalism, there is a simple rule. Chinese plastic recycling machine made you win business. The rule is, 'take in more money than you spend and you make a profit.' If you can't do that, then, you are forced to go out of business. If the U.S. government has no money (in the 'richest' country in the world), then, perhaps they should do what others are expected to do under a capitalistic system. They should sell their assets, pay off their debt and receive whatever is left over in cash. Very simple.
Perhaps the U.S. government should sell their assets to China. It seems that the Chinese government has plenty of cash. It is the largest debt holder of U.S. Bonds. Perhaps the Chinese are better at running and making a country work than the U.S. It certainly appears to be so.