How to choose good plastic recycling machine in China

The feature of the plastic recycling machine in CHina

It takes the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high capacity, low energy consumption, safety, reliability, etc. Cleaned material: Impurity content Production Capacity: 300-2000kg/h. This unit is mainly for PET (bottle) flakes: The labels and bottle caps are automatically separated, then after being washed, dewatered and dried, the water content will be very low, and PP/PE film after being washed can be directly granulated (water-ring palletizing), the gained granules are even and smooth with shiny surface. So, it is ideal equipment in waste plastic recycling industry. PET recycling line, PET flake washing line, plastic recycling line, plastic washing line, waste plastic recycling line 

Saiou machinery Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer which has the most scale in PET bottles and PE/PE films recycling (contains washing, drying and pelletizing) machinery equipment.

We refer to oversea developed countries experience, while independently developing. Now Wuhe is the first high-standard for the plastic recycling(contains washing, drying and pelletizing) product line. The waste plastic dealed by our washing equipment can reach high quality. It works automatically(output 500-6000 kilogram an hour), saving much labor force.