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PP PE film strand pelletizing line


PP/PE/PS water cooled strand granulating machine
1.Double stage strand pelletizing machine mainly used for PP, PE films, flakes, PS etc.
2.With various capacity, 100-500kg/h
3.Underwater strand pelletizing, water cooled pelletizer.
4.High output, low noise, safe operation
5.CE, ISO9001
Plastic strand pelletizing machine, plastic string pelletizing machine, plastic granulating machine, plastic recycling machine
1. PP, PE pelletizing/granulating machine line is applied in PP, PE scraps pelletizing field.
2. It adjusts water cooling type. Through extrusion, cutting and dry process, the waste film scrap becomes pellets. The pellets are widely used in plastic industry, like pipe, sheet, strip and profile production.
3. Extrusion: Double stage or single stage.
4. Pelletizing type: under water cooled, hot air drying, Strand pelletizing.
5. Capacity: 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 250kg/h, 300kg/h, 350kg/h, 400kg/h, 450kg/h and 500kg/h.
Main Machine list:
Belt Conveyor     feed the materials continuously
Metal detector    can be put on belt conveyor to remove metal in the material
Crusher (Granulator) Crush the bags into small pieces, special design knives for different material
Extruder          Special screw design for PP bags/PE Film, vacuum exhaust system
Screen changer    ilter impurity automatically to get good quality products
Die and Pelletizer  Under-water, Strand & Hot-air pelletizer can be chosen up to you
Dryer/vibration   Dry and remove water of products
Cyclone silo      storage clean finished products
Control System    main apparatus adopt Siemens or ABB


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