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under water pelletizing machine 40HT twin screw extrusion line for high torque


 40HT twin screw extrusion line for high torque compounding


1.         Configuration and specification

1)        Metering feeder

l  Model: twin screw metering feeding

l  Motor power: 0.75kw AC

l  Equipped in zone 1

l  Feeder quantity: 1set


2)        Side feeder

l  Model: twin screw metering feeding

l  Motor power: 0.75kw AC

l  Feeder quantity: 1set


3)        HT-40 twin-screw extruder

l  Barrel material: high speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2

l  Screw element material: high speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2

l  Screw and barrel casting Ti for special high wear protected

l  Core shaft material: 40CrNiMoA

l  Screw elements connecting with the core axle method: involute spline

l  Screw diameter: 41.2mm

l  Screw groove depth: 7.1mm

l  L/D=40

l  Barrel quantity: 10pcs

l  Total barrel length: 1600mm

l  Zone 1 connect with main feeder

l  Zone 9 open for venting atmosphere

l  Screw rotary direction: co-rotating

l  Screw rotary speed: 60-600rpm

l  Main motor power: 45kw AC

l  Main motor rotary speed: 1500rpm

l  Vacuum pump power: (water ring type) equipped inside of the extruder

l  Soft water for circle cooling pump power: 0.55kw equipped inside of the extruder

l  Cooling method for barrels: soft water cooling

l  Cooling control system: ACL solenoid valve (Italy product)

l  Heating method: electrify heating

l  Heater material: copper casting and aluminum casting

l  Barrel covered with stainless steel cover

l  Centre height: 1000mm

l  Gearbox: high torque series

l  Extruder quantity: 1set


4)        Vacuum station for venting

l  Type: water ring

l  Vacuum pump power: 0.75kw

l  Equipped inside in the extruder

l  Equipped with 4 accessories: vacuum room, vacuum meter, vacuum pipe, condensing tank (stainless steel)

l  Vacuum pump quantity: 1set


5)        Die

l  Die material: 38CrMoAIA

l  Equipped with melt pressure and temperature meter thermocouple

l  Over pressure alarm system

l  Pressure sensor: 0-25Mpa

l  Model: underwater cutting die


6)        Under water cutting system

l  Start up valve     1set

Ø  Main body material: Nitrided steel 38CrMoAlA

Ø  Hydraulic drive and solenoid valve control

Ø  Hydraulic unit power: 1.1kw

Ø  Heating power: 1kw

Ø  Melt temperature indicator

Ø  Melt pressure indicator

Ø  Control panel

Ø  Upstream transition

Ø  Downstream transition

Ø  Support stand

Ø  Hydraulic hose

Ø  Screen pack

Ø  Chromium plating wetted parts

l  Die device        1 full set

Ø  Die material: hard alloy

Ø  Heating method: electrify heating

Ø  Heating power: 0.6kwX6

Ø  Water chamber structure: stainless steel welding

Ø  Including heating stick electric wire joint box

l  Pelletizer         1set

Ø  Numbers of the hole: 8pcs

Ø  Motor: Siemense motor

Ø  Motor power: 2.2kw AC

Ø  Motor rotary speed: 2900rpm

Ø  Motor speed control: inverter

Ø  Cutter material: high wearing capacity special material

Ø  O type ring sealing

Ø  Transmitted shaft: NSK product (Japan)

Ø  Equipped with guild track and movable trolley

Ø  Drain piping

Ø  Melt temperature indicator

Ø  Melt pressure indicator

Ø  Shaft speed indicator

Ø  Low speed alarm

Ø  Sigh glass

l  pneumatic valve    1set

Ø  Valve: USA product Sanford

Ø  Pipe material: stainless steel

Ø  Connection: quick open style

Ø  Equipped with sight glass for checking

l  water tank and heating system  1set

Ø  Centrifugal water pump power: 1.5kw

Ø  Stainless water tank: 0.15 cube meter

Ø  Heating method: electrify

Ø  Heating power: 6kw

Ø  Temperature control: PID parameter

Ø  Equipped with heat exchanger

l  mass size separate device      1set

Ø  material: stainless steel

l  centrifugal dewaterer          1set

Ø  Power: 2.2kw

Ø  Capacity: 100kg/h

Ø  Equipped with stainless steel cyclone

l  Vibrating sieve

Ø  Model: 600 series

Ø  Capacity: 600kg/h

Ø  Quantity: 1set

l  hydraulic station control system  1set

Ø  Working for start up valve

Ø  Equipped with solenoid valve

Ø  Power: 1.1kw

Ø  Volume: 4L

l  electric control system          1set

Ø  Control cabinet separate from the main control system

Ø  PLC control

Ø  Running model: manual and automatic

Ø  Cutting speed control: Siemens transducer

l  spare parts


7)        Product container

l  Silo body material: stainless steel

l  Quantity: 1pcs

l  Container diameter: 560mm


8)        Electric control system

l  Complete line control system: Siemens S7 200 PLC

l  Touch screen: Simatic MP277 10' Siemens product


9)        Control Panel:

l  PLC control with Touch Screen interface with display and control for

l  Melt Temp. Including Barrel Temp. etc.

l  Melt Pressure at die (display only)

l  Machine Amps. (display only)

l  Throughput rates from feeders (main)

l  Specific mechanical energy (display only)

l  Screw speed

l  Pelletizing unit speed

l  Side Feeder: speed, amps, temperature & feeding unit throughput

l  Extruder pressure and gearbox lubricating system monitoring (if possible)


10)     Safety Design:

l  Fully integrated E.stop for unit

l  Lubricating oil pressure alarm

l  Melt pressure alarm & protection

l  Melt temperature protection

l  Ability to isolate & stop feeders & pelletizing unit independently

l  Overload alarm for main extruder motor

l  Interlocking of main extruder motor overloading

l  Interlocking between extruder starting and cooling fan

l  Interlocking between extruder starting and lub. oil pump

l  Interlocking between main extruder and feeders


11)     Spare part

l  Oil sealing for output axis of the gear box             1unit

l  Fuse                                           3pcs

l  Lifting ring for screw                              2pcs

l  Screw element                                   ~150mm

l  Solid state relay                                  2pcs

l  Wrench                                         1 set

l  Screw drivers                                    2pcs

l  Cutter knife                                      4pcs


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