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wire granulating


  ● Thin & thick cables can be granulated together, no need to seperate before hand
● 99.9% Copper and PVC Separation, 99.9% Copper Recycled, no dust, no pollution
● The one whole structure design suitable for transportation,installation, commissioning and maintenance, easy to plug and play
● Cable processing scope: all types of car cables,communication cables,computer cable,very thin wires,etc that the stripping machine not suitable for
● SIEMENS Motor Drive
● CE certificated 

Power Pack  
Power 3 phase, 415V,50Hz
Main Motor 30 kw
Motor #2 3 kw
Motor #3 3 kw
Motor #4 3 kw
Main Technical Specification  
Cable Processing diameter all types under 20mm
Productivity 300kg/h
Machine Size 3.8m x 2m x 2.1m
Weight 3500kg

Price: FOB HK US$20,000

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