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1. Belt conveyor with metal detector       1set

Convey motor power: 1.5kw

Convey belt(L×W):600mm×475mm

Cycloid wheel gearbox model:BWD11-17-1.5  made in Changzhou Fuke

Conveyor with wheels, it is easy to adjust the direction of material feeding.

On the middle of the conveyer there is a manual adjuster to control the height of the material feeding.

Conveying speed adjustable by step-less speed controller

belt material: PVC, plank material: carbon steel.

Metal detector: width 600mm, height: 400mm, accuracy:5mm

2. Compactor             1set

InstructionMaterial of contact raw material part: stainless steelthe other is made by carbon steel;

Compactor top material :δ3mm 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Inner wall material : δ5mm 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Totally 19 pieces of blades , material of knive:T10

Rotating knive:15pieces, and fixed knive:4 pieces

Material of the shaft: Cr4V2

Material of mixing blades: Q235

AC motor power: 55Kw;

Rotation speed: 1000rpm

Temperature meter and cooling system, motor power: 1.5kw

3. WH-100/36 single screw extruder   1set

high torquelow noiseexternal connect with cooling recycling system;

Screw: 38CrMoA1A, Nitrogen treatment;

Barrel: 38CrMoAlAnitrogen treatmentbarrel fan cooling;

Drive power: 90kW   A.C. motor

Motor rotation speed: 1480rpm

Screw diameter100mm;


Max. screw rotation speed:140rpm

Feeding section force fan cooling: fan power:4kw.

Vacuum systemVacuum pump motor power: 3kw

Double vents to degassing the moisture to improve the pellets quality

Heating zones: AL cast heater, force fan cooling

6 zones of heater, total heating power:30.4Kw

Fan cooling, cooling power:0.37Kw×6

Parallel three shaft design, high quality cast iron made gearbox, import bearings, gear shaft material:20CrNi2MoA, gear wheel material:42CrMo.

Wheel box LubricationForce lubricating;

Oil pump power:0.55KWoil condenser: SL-411,alarm for lower oil level.

Main electrical parts are Schneider brand.

Extruder inverter is ABB brand

RKC double channel  PID temperature meter

Indicator and presser are Schneider brand.

DELTA-PLC and DELTA screen with error display and function of setting data.

Independent anti dust control cabinet controls temperature system, driving systemchain lock system .

4. Hydraulic screen changer system (Pedal type)  1set

Pedal type two service position hydraulic screen changer

Plate screen changer from Jingcheng diam 200mm

The max. pressure: ≤20Mpa

No stopping, no leaking, changing screen time≤2 seconds.

Material: 38CrMoAl

Hydraulic station: consists of motor, oil pump, accumulator, pressure relay, valve and pressure adjust valve.

5. Vertical Water-ring Pelletizer with dia        1set

Material of dia:40CrNitrogen treatment

Stainless steel water-ring cutter.

Dia heating power: 1.5kw

Cutting motor power: 1.5kw  

Rotation speed: 2900r/min  control by ABB inverter

Qty of cutting knives:2pieces ,made of W18Cr4V

Watering cooling: δ5mm 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Power of water pump4kw

6. Down spouting with dewatering              1set

Dewatering dimension: (L×W×H):1600mm×1200mm×2150mm

Capacity: 500kg/h

Motor power: 4kw   rotation speed: 1480r/min

Water spouting: δ2mm 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Motor power of water pump: 4kw  rotation speed 2800r/min

All made of stainless steel

7. Air-blowing conveying system        1set

Blowing fan motor :3kw  rotation speed:2800r/min

Soft pipe diameterφ100mm

Volume of the silo:1.2L


Pipe line and T joint is made by stainless steelwelcome to visit my facebook: facebook:

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