UPVC double pipe production line


The pipe diameter is from 16-50mm. It produce two pipes in one mould at same time.
1. The production line is developed with the 1990s advanced technology of West Europe by our company.
2. The main machine is SJZ 51/105 or SJSZ 65/132 conical twin screw extruder, is equipped with double-tube single control stainless steel spraying shaper to form a production line.
3. It avoids a waste condition when one tube is adjusted and the other one is affected. The auto single-control double drawing machine and cutting are combined with the front shaping technology control double-tube extruding.
4. The diameter of the extruded pipe is from Φ20-Φ50. It can fully use the extruding capacity of the extruder. Even if it produces small diameter pipe, it can get great output too.
The main Technical parameter:
Max output of extruder (kg/h): 150-250
Vacuum tank length(m): 6
Haul-off speed: 0-15m/minutes
Max diameter of twin pipe (mm): 50mm
Haul-off force(N): 2000 D
rive motor power(kw): 18.5
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